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Microsoft Project 2007 Updates and First Reviews

Are you comparing or evaluating project management software? Are you looking for an alternative to Microsoft Project or software like Microsoft Project?

Are you thinking about waiting for Microsoft Project 2007 to be released before making a decision? 

Based on initial ”sneak-peak” reviews of Microsoft Project 2007 project management software, doesn’t seem like much has changed.

In other words, if you like Microsoft Project project management software in general, and you’re using MS Project 1998 or 2000, this upgrade may be right for you. But if you’re waiting for some radical innovation in project management software or a reincarnation of MS Project in an easier to use, more web 2.0 type format, this misses the mark.

Carroll Consultants, a UK based project management consulting firm says:

“So in summary, there are some cosmetic changes and a couple of nice features but nothing to justify rushing out to buy the upgrade from Project 2003. However if you are still using Project 98 or 2000 it’s probably worth considering the upgrade once it ships.”

The principal at the company, John Carroll, has written numerous books on Microsoft Project like Microsoft Project in Easy Steps. He is currently at work on Microsoft Project 2007 in Easy Steps.  For more details on his thoughts on Microsoft Project project management software (and project management in general), check out his blog (and the link back to his company’s home page).

For those who don’t like Microsoft Project or are looking, perhaps, for web project management software, there are a number of alternatives, including the sponsors of this blog, Vertabase Pro.