e-Learning and Handshaw Conference

Thank you to the kind people at Handshaw. They put on a successful conference on e-learning, learning management systems and general instructional design. I was fortunate enough to attend and meet some of the impressive people behind their Lumenix product and the creative people who use it.

For those not familiar with e-learning, its more than moving content and tests onto a computer. It encompasses an understanding of how adults learn, a mastery of technical tools, project management to get e-learning projects produced and organizational politics to secure budgets and manage expectations.

An oft discussed topic was how instructional designers and e-learning technologists work with subject matter experts. There is a delicate balance between keeping the SME involved in a project while the ID or e-learning technologist maintain their role as the trained professional in e-learning.

Interestingly, its something I hear all the time from designers and developers with respect to clients. It seems that in both worlds, there is a management art to building a process where everyone recognizes and respects the value each person brings to a project.

Thank you, as well to an informative presentation from Bryan Chapman on Rapid Content Development for e-learning.

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